About Us

My wife and I have been sending gifts for special occassions for years. We realized that we were spending at least $100 for each gift. We thought that cost may be prohibitive for many people and may prevent them from acknowledging a special event. We thought it would be great to have a site that focused on affordable quality gifts that cost $25 or less including shipping costs. Because after all, it is the thought that counts.

We look to make your gift giving easier. Let us know if there is any item you would like to see available on our site. We are here to help you celebrate and acknowledge those special occassions.

  • Chocolate Morsels from Log Cabin Candies

    Our chocolate vendor has delicious dark and milk chocolate that is to die for.

    You just have to try their non-perils and their truffles. We have been eating their chocolate for ovewr 20 years. They are our favorite chocalatier!

  • KettleKorn from Eastern Shore KettleKorn

    This shop offers a sweet and salty treat that is freshly prepared by hand locally in a kettle! They use the very best in premium sugars, non-cholesterol corn oil, salts and non-genetically modified popcorn providing a gluten-free snack. The Kettle Korn, arrangement materials, and packaging are proudly made in the USA.

  • Jewelry

    We have been selling jewelry for ten years. When we find some wonderful pieces of real or costume jewelry that is under $25, we offer it here. Take a look here to see if you can find that perfect gift